May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor (jediknightmuse) wrote in jedigraphics,
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Star Wars: The Force Awakens icons

My icon making days are pretty much over (though with the new movies, that could end up changing) but I wanted to make some new ones for myself and figured I'd post these here.

 photo reyandbb8_jediknightmuse_zps25awmqr2.jpg photo reyandfinn_jediknightmuse_zpsyvacoaoh.jpg photo rey_jediknightmuse_zps45s8lh4a.jpg
 photo hanchewie_jediknightmuse_zpsmlc81wub.jpg photo phasma_jediknightmuse_zpsmcmuatis.jpg photo hansolo_jediknightmuse_zpsa1ukbvvf.jpg
 photo luker2_jediknightmuse_zpsz5hkzmey.jpg photo poe_jediknightmuse_zpsg2nswbpm.jpg photo finnpoe_jediknightmuse_zpszxpv6rai.jpg

-No hotlinking, modifying or claiming them as your own
-Please credit jediknightmuse @ jedigraphics or just jedigraphics
-Please comment if you take any and let me know which ones!
-Screencaps are from, and are from one of the trailers.
Tags: star wars: the force awakens
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